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This is a free database of 3D structures of HLA molecules
constructed by using homology modeling.

pHLA3D was developed to improve the epitope analysis in the context of organ transplantation
by providing the 3D structures of HLA molecules present in current solid-phase assays for serum antibodies screening.

Our team


Deylane Menezes Teles e Oliveira, Ph.D student, Rafael Melo Santos de Serpa Brandão, Ph.D,
Semiramis Jamil Hadad do Monte, Ph.D, Antonio Vanildo de Sousa Lima, B.Sc, Adalberto Socorro da Silva, Ph.D.


Francisco das Chagas Alves Lima, Ph.D.


Luiz Claudio Demes da Mata Sousa, Ph.D, Mário Sérgio Coelho Marroquim, Ph.D student,
Antonio Gilberto Borges Coelho, B.Sc, Jhonatan Matheus Sousa Costa, B.Sc student, Ricardo Martins Ramos, Ph.D.

How to cite this database

When you publish or report results using pHLA3D, please cite this publication:

pHLA3D: An online database of predicted three-dimensional structures of HLA molecules.